Monica Esposito

Artistic Assassin

Artist and graphic designer. Multi-talented nurse and artist, Monica is unfortunate enough to have grown up with Head Wine Ninja.

Anne Hay, AIWS, CWE, MBA

Madam President

Anne has been in the business over 14 years, gaining a diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, a Certified Wine Educator from the Society of Wine Educators, an MBA and a BS in BS...

Haha! We're Snarky and Spirited...

After 14 years in the wine business, Anne sold everything she owned (not much by the way), got a loan from a couple of really great people, and started her business importing wines from some of her favorite places around the world. In this heavily male-dominated industry, a smart women's touch to the wine and spirits business, is the kick in the pants we feel necessary.

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