The wines and spirits we represent are based on quality, whatever the price may be. Using the Wine and Spirits Education Trust's certified methods of tasting, everything is evaluated to be amazing and real. We like to work with good people, families and wines and spirits from all over the globe that exhibit a realness and truth to the area.

Wine and spirits can bring people together and add fun into our lives. They're also part of a business revolving around sales, marketing, government regulations and a ridiculously bureaucratic backdrop.

In the blog, guest writers and myself write about some of the nonsense that goes on in the wine and spirits business. After 15 years and several wine degrees, I sold every little thing I had to start my little company because I believe I can offer something true. This isn't my hobby but my passion.

Truth in Alcohol

Snarky and Spirited...
‚ÄčSabering  THrough the Nonsense